1. Introduction

Objectives: In this unit you will
  1. Learn the basic concepts of teaching reading to adult learners
  2. Think about learner strategies and materials that will help your student
  3. Think about specific instructional activities to use with your student
Estimated time for completing this section: 3 hours

Note: This section on reading could take up to 8 hours for those who wish to delve more deeply into the course manual, Applying Research in Reading Instruction for Adults: First Steps for Teachers. The link to the manual also sits in the sidebar.

In the previous module you considered the characteristics of the adult learner and how they apply to you as a tutor and to your adult student. Your student's life experiences and active interest in her own progress will aid you in customizing lessons to meet her goals. In learner-centered learning, it is important to use your student's goals and experiences to motivate her. You will also learn to help your student identify:
  • what she knows,
  • what she knows some of the time, and
  • what she does not know at all.
Because your student has most likely experienced years of frustration in school, she can assist you in identifying her reading strengths and gaps. This self-awareness is one of the many characteristics that set an adult student apart from a child.
If you would like to review the principles of adult learning, click here or here:
In this unit, you will learn how to strengthen your student's reading skills as you follow the principles of learner-centered learning.

Optional: Checklist for marking progress through this course:
Click here to download a PDF checklist that will help you keep track of your progress. You may save the document in your files. It will not save in this blog.


Queen Of My Castle said...

I think that each one of us could also be classified as an adult learner!

lillian said...

Positive reinforcement is definitely necessary and is so easy.

Pat said...

Completed 3/26/09

Ms. Ovette said...

Okay, next.

Dixie Lee said...

I like the following quote, "The best motivators for adult learners are interest and selfish benefit. If they can be shown that the course benefits them pragmatically, they will perform better, and the benefits will be longer lasting." I understand it completely because it is just plain common sense.

Mardet said...

Provided the end result is clear, adults are likely to be more motivated than students to learn.

Marian said...

Section 1Intro/Objectives directs you to 2 manuals above. The links take you to the LINCS website, but I couldn't locate either manual through any of the LINCS links I tried.

Marian said...
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Marian said...

Ok, I found the Applying Research manual with a site search. The Learning to Think, however, was just a discussion. Within the discussion, the link to order a free copy of the manual takes you to the Ed Pubs website, but Cromley's manual is not listed.

maddy said...

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Merrybird said...

Every time I try to follow the link to the reading manual which accompanies this course I receive an error message. Merrybird

neg said...

Regional characteristics may make a difference in speech and therefore may make reading more difficult. Examples: milk on Long Island is pronounced melk and Barry is pronounced Berry in Georgia.

Meghan said...

I like how the author emphasized keeping the focus on what the learner can apply pragmatically in his or her own life and how this can create a positive reinforcement of the learning process.

SNelson said...

I agree we are all adult learners, there is always something to learn in your everyday life. It would be great to have all the answers but the world is to vast for that!

Martha said...

Adults have insight about what is likely to work for them and what is not. They are able to relate new facts to past experiences and enjoy having their talents and knowledge explored in a teaching situation.

Megan N said...

Still excited!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I agree we are all adult learners, there is always something to learn in your everyday life. It would be great to have all the answers but the world is to vast for that!

JonS said...

So far, so good.

Unknown said...

Making an adult learner feel comfortable is definitely key.

MSTATEN said...

I liked the key notes of finding out
-what the learner knows
-what the learner knows sometimes
-what the learner doesn't know at all
I understand why this conversation between the tutor and participant is so important because the tutor will know what to focus on during sessions

Carol R said...

The review link above is broken. Thanks

Unknown said...

It is imperative to make the adult learner feel comfortable.

Unknown said...

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